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Marriott Hotel dry hanging

Project Name: exterior wall dry hanging case of courtyard by Marriott group

Supplier: Guangxi hengshitong Stone Co., Ltd

Trademark brand: HST

Stone type: bluestone granite

Bluestone granite belongs to the black system in China and its color is dark green. Dark green, calm and generous, suitable for dry hanging of external walls. The elegant and beautiful appearance is deeply loved by the public.
In 2018, the exterior wall dry hanging stone of Foshan Marriott Hotel under Marriott group of the United States was 3cm thick bluestone matte surface and smooth granite supplied by Guangxi hengshitong. The stone was black based and green in black. It was low-key, solemn, solemn, simple and elegant, making the hotel architecture more contemporary and artistic.

Guangxi hengshitong sesame black dry hanging stone surface is clean, flat and smooth; Clear texture and uniform color. The exterior wall of courtyard by Marriott Hotel with an area of more than 3000 square meters is paved with smooth and matte surfaces. The color is dark and light, and the luster is bright and dark, so that the black is no longer rigid. It not only reflects the fashion sense of international hotels, but also combines the low-key luxury preferences of Chinese people, making the building not only the building itself, but also a cultural symbol.

Guangxi hengshitong stone has a black G654 mine, specializing in the production and processing of domestic and foreign black granite, polished board, fire board, matte board, engineering board and various supporting stones for construction projects. The quality control is strict, and the diagonal error of dry hanging stone on the outer wall is controlled within plus or minus 1mm, so as to ensure the project acceptance. Customers are welcome to consult and investigate.

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Post time: Feb-26-2022